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 Made in Thailand
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Atomic Absorbtion
Amylose in Jasmine Rice
Cooling Bath Circulating, Freezer
Consumer Product, Plastic ware, Glass ware
Brix Refractimeter , Salt Refractometer
Citric acid, Meter
Conductivity Meter
Color Meter
colony counter
Cement Testing
Data Logger
Dessicator Cabinet
Design by order
Disolve Oxygen Meter
Design Production stainless for Laboratory
Electronic Balance Digital
Environmental Equipment สิ่งแวดล้อม
Low temp refrigerator
Fermentor Fermentation
Fume Hood Laminar Flow
Grinding , Milling
GAS Detector
Gloss Meter
Gas Chromatograph
Growth Chamber
Heating Mantle , Heating Block
Leak Tester,Packing Seal Test
Muffle Furnace
Moisture Meter เครื่องวัดความชื้น
Microscope CCD กล้องจุลทรรศน์
Oven Force Oven Naatural Oven Vacuum Oven
Physic experiment
Particle Counter
pH Meter
Spectrophotometer uv vis spectrophotometer
Measurement Meter Salt meter ,TDS
Service Repair Overhault Lab Instruments
Sound Level Meter เครื่องวัดเสียง ความดังเสียง
Secondhand , Demo, Instrument
Stirring, Mixing, Shaking, HotPlate,
Soil Testing
Testing Instruments NDT
Tenp Humid Chamber
Thermometer Temperature Meter
Thickness meter Coating Meter
Thermo -Hygro Meter Display อุณหภูมิ-ความขื้น
Testing Material Instrument
Testing Machine Instruments เครื่องทดสอบวัสดุ Test
Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner เครี่องล้างความถี่สูง
Vacuum pump/Pressure Pump
Video Borescope
Water Bath, Oil bath
Weather Station

About Us
SciLution Company Limited
For over 15 years, the company was established in 2002 as a company importing products. Domestic production To distribute equipment Scientific instruments have developed domestic production. According to customer requirements
  Sine Leasing Co., Ltd. Design, consult and solve problems in the use of scientific equipment, repair and maintenance of tools in the laboratory and all kinds of scientific instruments to monitor the quality of products with scientific principles.
The company's policy is to sell. Offer products that give the most benefit to users. By focusing on products manufactured in Thailand. Designed according to customer requirements to solve problems in quality control. To improve the competitiveness of science in the future if you want to control the quality of products. To compete The company is happy to consult. Designing the right scientific measuring instrument for you to use at an affordable price. Sinection Co., Ltd. business operation. By focusing on the type of customer support in each group is a key factor. This is done to the customer as a Design by Customer or service to meet the needs of customers to order according to the model. Set up operating room system. To government customers And state-owned enterprises Including the private sector. According to customer's objectives With highly qualified and experienced personnel, the company is committed to providing the right tools and products for the various businesses. The products are tailored to the needs of customers. To be worth the investment, the company operates its business by focusing on leadership and expertise in providing systematic tools. The format offered to the customer is as follows: - Turnkey System - Provides comprehensive system administration including materials, tools, sales systems, and training for personnel. Consulting and designing for the production of on-demand tools. - Leadership in research and development of scientific instruments. already sold Under the trademark "DiLigent":
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